JUL 20 2024

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JUL 19 2024


Services to the Capital Market Authority

As the monitoring authority of issuers of securities listed in the Muscat Stock Exchange:
  • Provide with reports on dealings and dealers in the Stock Exchange
  • Assist in monitoring of dealings made by directors of joint stock companies
  • Contribute to the development of monitoring operations over dealings in listed securities with the Stock Market and the Depository company
  • Contribute to the development and enhancement of confidentiality in investment in Omani securities that are listed in the Muscat Stock Exchange

Services to the Muscat Stock Exchange

and its dealers:
  • Ensure conveyance of ownership amongst the dealers as per prevailing regulations of the Muscat Stock Exchange
  • Control foreign investment operations and its percentage in a single company, so as to be in compliance with the prevailing regulations of the companies and the governing laws
  • Control the percentages of investors’ ownership
  • Contribute to the transparency operations through providing data and the analytical statistics
  • Facilitate collection of information, statistics and reports over securities

Services to the Investors

  • Registering new investors (issuance of investor’s number for each investor)
  • Allotment of unique number to each investor in the securities
  • Updating investors’ data
  • Providing investors with statements of their holdings and statements of their dealings in securities
  • Family Transfers within (first degree)
  • The inheritance Transfers
  • Transfers of dividing common property securities
  • Trustee transfers of securities
  • Transfers between accounts that belong to the same person
  • Responding to investors’ queries about their holdings that are registered with the company, as well as their investments affairs such as:
    • Distribution of cash and shares dividends – merger of companies – liquidation of companies … etc,.
    • Providing a unified centre to enter joint stock companies registers that are listed in the Muscat Stock Exchange, for the easiness of tracing by the investors of their investments in the Market from a single point

Services to the Companies issuing Securities

  • To act as a central depository of records of the investors of shares and bonds, in a technical and practical manner, that reduces the number of incidences of errors and incompatibility incurred by sections of investors
  • To control percentage of ownership, as per the charters of the companies and the relevant laws
  • Facilitate execution of decisions as approved by the joint stock companies in its general assemblies that have impact on the investors
  • Providing assistance in managing general assemblies, by counting quorums and counting votes on the election of the Board of Directors
  • Printing invitations to general assemblies and printing all the posters and invitations pertaining to the shareholders
  • Provide companies with statements on its shareholders
  • Distribute dividends on behalf of the companies
  • Restrain promotion shares and introduce Board members, and restrain second installments’ shares. Besides all matters pertaining to the shareholders

Services to the Brokers

  • Providing daily trading data for the broker
  • Notification the broker with pending transactions, immediately upon implementation of the deal
  • Amend the deals
  • Fragmentation of special orders
  • Addressing outstanding deals
  • Notification the broker with transactions executed after the settlement of equity
  • Notification the broker with rejected transactions by custodian
  • Notification the broker with fines of pending deals
  • Notification the broker the obligations upon the settlement (settlement day)
  • Notification the broker of completion settlement Cash and equity operations
  • Execute liens favouring brokers, based on decisions issued by concerned bodies

Services to the Central Bank of Oman

  • Act as the central depository body of the records pertaining to the government bonds issued by the government of the Sultanate
  • Distribute interest on the bonds due to its holders as per the distribution dates
  • Distribute principal value of the redeemed issues
  • Provide the central bank with the data pertaining to the bonds
  • Provide the central bank with data on investors in the domestic banks listed on the company’s registers, to confirm compliance with the central bank’s laws and regulations
  • Repurchase of the bond transfers (REPO)

Services to the banks and financing companies ‘lenders’

  • Executing and lifting pledges favouring banks and financing companies, as per the prevailing procedures, to ensure pledgees’ rights
  • Provide pledgees with necessary data and reports on shares pledged to them
  • Follow up receipt of pledgees of pledged cash and shares dividends as per pledge agreements
  • Electronic transfer of the dividends on pledged shares to banks accounts of the lenders

Services to the Settlement Banks

  • Notification the settlement banks with net liabilities and receivables for each Member on the operations carried out in trading day (T) to the broker on the settlement
  • Notification the settlement banks with completion of cash settlement

Services to the Custodians

  • Convert GDRs (global depositary receipts)
  • Securities transfers between custodians
  • Provide trading data for client of custodian
  • Provide a mechanism (confirm / reject) of securities for clients of the Custodian
  • Print the assets of clients report at the end of the day

Company’s role in the execution of judgments issued by judicial and monitoring authorities

  • Execution of judgments and decisions issued by the judicial and monitoring authorities that are empowered with the authority to impose attachment pursuant to the Omani prevailing laws